Our Beaver Colony participates in many activities over the Scouting season. Here is a brief list of activities that our Beaver Colony enjoy each year. We understand that kids are busy so participation is not mandatory but don’t miss-out on the fun!

  • Popcorn Fundraiser
  • Remembrance Day Parade
  • Food drive
  • Christmas Party
  • Swimming night
  • Beaver Buggies Race
  • Spring Hike
  • Beaver Sleep-over
  • White Tail Camp (7 year old Beavers only)

The 2014-2015 program will try to address the following themes

September: Let’s get Started
October: TBD
November : TBD
December: TBD
January : TBD
February: TBD
March : TBD
April: TBD
May: TBD
June : TBD

Parents please note: we will link to more details for each activity as they become available.

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