Blue Star

Home and Community

A. Requirements (any 5)

  • A1 Accept and carry out a home chore for one month, such as washing dishes, cleaning your room or caring for the family pet.
  • A2 With an adult, show how to make simple repairs around your home.
  • A3 Discuss with your leader some safety rules when home alone and in dealing with strangers.
  • A4 Show how to use a home telephone, a public telephone, and a telephone book. Show you know your own home telephone number and can find emergency numbers in a telephone book.
  • A5 Send and receive a simple message in Bliss symbols, Braille, American Sign Language, or another form of communication used by some disabled people.
  • A6 Demonstrate basic first aid skills.
  • A7 Make use of two community resources such as a library, museum, playground, recreation centre, skating rink, swimming pool, etc., and tell other Cubs how they can use them.
  • A8 On a map of your community, point out the location of your home and three other interesting places, such as your school, the library, your place of worship, your Cub meeting hall, etc.
  • A9 Describe the highway codes for pedestrians and cyclists and explain why we have these codes.
  • A10 Plan and prepare a party for a family, pack, six or other group.

B. Requirements (any 4)

  • B1 Visit a national, provincial or local government building such as a courthouse or city hall. Tell about or make a scrapbook of your visit.
  • B2 Visit a municipal service such as the police or fire station, water works, sewage treatment plant, etc. Tell about or make a scrapbook of your visit.
  • B3 Visit a communications service, such as a newspaper plant, telephone exchange, printing press, radio or TV. station, etc. Tell about or make a scrapbook of your visit.
  • B4 Visit a transportation centre, such as an airport, a railway station, bus depot, taxi dispatcher, etc. Tell about or make a scrapbook of your visit.
  • B5 Carry out an accident and fire prevention check of your home, garage, Cub meeting place; or community. With your family, draw an emergency escape plan for your home.
  • B6 Make a list or point out in your meeting place and community what services are available for disabled people.

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