Search and Rescue


The objective of this document is to provide basic Search and Rescue (SAR) skills to Cubs from the ages of 8 – 11 years old.

SAR Key Points:

  • Establish Point Last Seen – The last place where the person was seen before it was noticed it was missing.
  • Mark the point and determine where you are going to look for the missing person. Tell leader, parents, police etc…
  • Establish Search Leader and base camp- Senior person, Leader, Police etc.
  • Plan how you are going to look for them
    • Gather as much information as possible on person
      • Photo
      • Clothing, color, shoes/boots, hat
      • Age
      • Equipment
      • Medical Info
      • Gone missing before, where found?
      • Map of search location
  • Execute Search
    • Determine search type
      • Hasty (Quick) Search – Small teams sent to look quickly. Best chance of success for conscious person.
      • Detailed Line Search – slow, methodical, very detailed, best chance of success for un-conscious person.
    • Determine Teams
      • Determine Leader, 2nd Leader
      • Assign members – Give each member a number. – 10 people max
      • Setup Communications – Radio, Phone, Whistle
      • Assign Search Location and Time Parameters
    • Execute Search
      • Your safety is priority one!!!!!!
      • Report Location at start and stop of search area
        • Line Search – Determine distance between searchers
        • Whistle Commands – For spread out searchers
          • 1 short blast – start
          • 2 short blast – stop
          • 1 Long blast (3 Sec) come to leader
          • 3 short blast – help/emergency (repeat every 5 min until someone responds with 2 long blasts)
        • Voice Commands – For Close in Searchers
          • Forward
          • Stop, Stop
      • Mark and Report Clues with flag and on map with GPS coordinates, take photo, don’t touch. Tell leader of search as much information as possible.
      • Do not leave team
      • Listen and report to leader
      • Look down at feet and around you as well as look up in trees
    • Finding missing person
      • Mark location
      • Tell Team Leader, Team Leader informs search leader
      • Help victim – first aid, treat for shock
      • Don’t crowd victim
      • establish transport – car, stretcher, helicopter, walk out
      • If visibly deceased, back away and let police take over
    • Not finding missing person
      • Once finish search area, leader reports back
      • Rest, Relax, regroup – water
      • Return to base camp
      • Await further instructions

Wilderness Survival

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