2017 Home & Garden Sale

Thank you for Support your local Beaconsfield Scouts group. The deadline for orders is now over and all shipments will be shipped on Saturday, April 29th 2017. Please contact if you have any questions.

Email: info@beaconsfieldscouts.com Phone Neil Elliott: (514) 426-0915



Gardening Top Soil (30L/12 Kg)
Ideal for flower-beds, vegetable garden and lawn

Composted Manure (30L/13.5 Kg)
Naturally composted sheep & cow manure

Cedar Mulch [Natural, Red, Brown or Black] (3 cu ft.)

Helps retain moisture, control weeds

Peat Moss (2.2 cu ft.
Natural and organic conditioner for all types of soils

All Purpose Grass Seed Mix (1.8 Kg)
Top quality seed for sunny and shady areas

Superior Lawn Fertilizer (25-5-5) (10 Kg)
Feeds and helps to keep your lawn greener longer

Organic Fertilizer (pure hen manure) (10 Kg)
An efficient organic fertilizer for lawns vegetables,flowers and trees

Tree & Shrub Fertilizer (14-7-14) (2 Kg)
Formulated for trees, shrubs & evergreens for long continuous feeding

Scouts Canada Paper Refuse Bags (10 Bags)
For Grass, Leaves & Other Yard Waste

Wild Bird Seed (9 Kg)
“Treat a Bird to Lunch”


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– All prices include Delivery and Tax – Please note the ordering deadline is Wednesday, April 26th, 2017. – Deliveries will be on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 – Credit card transactions are completed securely by PayPal. – If stock is unavailable you will be contacted and refunded.

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