Beaconsfield Grand Prix – March 25, 2017


Are you ready, ready, ready…..?  For some fun, fun fun……!

Well, on March 25th, 2017  we will be hosting the Beaconsfield Grand Prix.  This is a time where all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Vents come together and get an opportunity to race their Beaver Buggies, Cub Cars, and Scout Trucks.  These kits for the Cubs & Scouts were handed out at the end of February during the regular meeting. Beaver Buggies will be built at Beavers on March 15. If you did not get yours, you can pickup one up at the next regular meeting. With the help of a parent or adult, Beavers can add to their buggy, and Cubs, Scouts, and Vents can can build their kit into a fine-tuned racing machine.  On March 25th we will have our races and competitions for all to come and participate in.

There will be awards for the following categories:


  • Emphasis on friendly competition
  • Fastest Buggy (1st, 2nd and 3rd)


  • Fastest Car(1st, 2nd and 3rd)
  • Coolest looking Car (voted by Beavers)


  • Fastest Truck(1st, 2nd and 3rd)
  • Coolest looking Truck (voted by Cubs)

This event will be held at Beaconsfield United Church – 202 Woodside Road Beaconsfield, Quebec H9W 2P1 From 1330-1600 Hrs.  Each participant will have a chance to display their in the Pits for judging and then will have the opportunity to race in various heats to win the coveted BGP Cup! Parents, Siblings and Friends are all invited to attend this great event!

Racing Agenda:

Saturday March 25, 2017  [Approximate]
  • 1330 – 1400 – Registration
  • 1400 – 1430 – Pit Lane
  • 1430 – 1500 – Coolest Buggy, Car, Truck Judgement
  • 1500 – 1600 – Races
  • 1600 – Presentation of Awards

Official Rules 2017 Beaver Buggy Rules

  1. The Buggy must be constructed from the current official Scouts Canada Beaver Buggy kit.
  2. Beaver Buggies are built to have fun. There are no winners or losers in Beaver Buggy racing. Beavers (with the help of their parents) are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild; Buggies can be made into cars, planes, trucks, bikes, or anything that a Beaver can imagine.
  3. Track design limits the overall width to a maximum dimension of 7 cm (2-3/4 inch) so as not to interfere with the Buggy in the next lane. Nose of the Beaver must not extend past the deck of the Beaver Buggy base.
  4. The weight of the Buggy must not exceed 100g (3.5 oz). All cars will be weighed on race day and material may be removed on cars that are overweight. ** Reminder that the focus is on the fun of designing the buggie and friendly competition. In general, is it not expected that Beaver Buggies will have added weights.
  5. Only dry graphite is allowed for lubricating the wheels. No oils or spray lubricant are allowed.
  6. The Buggy may not be lubricated after registration.

2017 Cub car Rally Rules:

  1. Every Car must be a 2017 model – no racing last year’s car
  2. Cars must be built from official Cub car kits
  3. No other nails for the wheels may be used than those supplied in the kit.
  4. Cars must not exceed an overall weight of 5 ounces or 142 grams
  5. Cars must not exceed an overall length of 7 inches or 180mm
  6. Cars must not exceed an overall width of 2 ¾ inches or 70 mm
  7. No suspension system of any kind is allowed. Cars must not use any ‘propulsion’ means other than gravity (acting on the car).
  8. Cars can not be altered or lubricated in ANY way after the Car has been registered. Only dry graphite powder lubricant is permitted (no spray or oil based).
  9. The minimum distance between the wheels is 1 ¾ inches or 4.5 cm
  10. Cars must run on all 4 wheels
  11. Wheel profile (size) must not be changed
  12. Each Car must pass inspection before it can compete.
  13. Only the Cub Car owner can race the Car.
  14. The judge’s decision is final

 2017 Scout Truck Rally Rules:

  1. Every truck must be a 2017 model – no racing last year’s truck
  2. Trucks must be built from an official 18 wheeler Tractor Trailer kit available from the Scout Shop.
  3. Truck specifications are: – overall length of 44.5 centimeters – overall width of 8.5 centimeters – overall height of 11.5 centimeters – overall mass of the truck can not exceed 700 grams
  4. All parts of the truck must be securely fastened
  5. Each truck must pass inspection prior to the race
  6. Only the Scout owner can race the truck
  7. The size of the wheels can not be changed
  8. No lubricants of any kind can be used after it has been registered (only dry graphite powder is permitted – no spray or oil based lubricants).
  9. Once the truck has been inspected and registered, it can’t be altered in any way (including addition of lubricant)
  10. The decision of the judges is final

** If cars or trucks are overweight, they will have to be lightened. If they are too light, it is the responsibility of the Cub/Scout to decide if he/she wants to add weight and must supply the weights. This process must be completed BEFORE registration takes place.

Guidelines/Tips for Youth

1) Make sure to read the official rules for Cars and Trucks.

2) No liquid lubricant can be used on the vehicles since it gums up the track

3) A dry lubricant called Powdered Graphite (usually available at Canadian Tire / Rona) can be used to lubricate the wheels of the cars/trucks to reduce friction

4) Make sure not to put decorations on the car that increase the width/height/length beyond allowed dimensions e.g. no headlights that stick out of the front of the car, exhaust pipes out the side of the car, etc…  This can only be done if the decorations are within the dimensions prescribed in the official rules for Cars and Trucks.

5) Alignment of the wheels is very important to the speed of the car.  Use the wheel slots pre-cut into the car so the car will not scrape the track but care should be taken to keep the wheels straight.  To test the car, place it on a slight incline and roll it.  The car should roll smoothly and run straight.

6) Make sure not to attach anything to the bottom of the cars since the cars ride OVER rails, not between them – anything on the bottom of the car will cause it to rub on the track, look at a sample of the style of track.  There are official Cub Car weight kits meant to be embedded in the cars.  These are available at the Scout Shop, just search for “Pit Kit Cub car”.  The kit comes with two weights and three extra wheels/pins.  The weights are meant to be put into a recessed area on the bottom of the car e.g. a spot that has been routered out of the bottom etc…  This gives the car its additional weight but keeps it aerodynamic.  Cars can also be drilled and weights inserted into the car, just be sure you can easily get the weights out if the car is overweight when it arrives at the rally.

7) Reduce friction as much as possible.  Air friction, track friction and wheel friction will all slow down your car.  Try to reduce friction between wheels and axles, between wheels and the car body and between wheels and the guide rail.  Friction can be reduced by sanding or polishing wheels and axles and making sure the car runs straight.

8 ) Paint the car early and paint often.  This will improve looks of the car but is also good for speed.  If paint is not well dried before the wheels are put on the paint will still be tacky and stick to the wheels, causing more friction.

9) Choose an aerodynamic car design

10) There are plenty of websites (Google Cub Car or Kub Kar) out there with good ideas for design and tips and tricks for speed.  Most of them refer to Pinewood Derby races – these are the USA equivalent of the Canadian Cub car Races.  Use these sites for ideas etc…

11) PLEASE REMEMBER – this is meant to be a fun and educational exercise for youth, not a race between parents.  Some guidance and assistance is allowed by parents, particularly for younger members but should be restricted to guidance and assistance where possible.

12) You can take your car to a grocery store etc… to get it weighed and bring it close to the 142 gram (5 ounce) maximum weight.  The official scale used at the rally has the final say for maximum weight.  Even if you’ve measured it at the store and it weighs exactly 142 grams the official scale is still final for weights.  This is done to keep things consistent and fair for all Cubs at the rally.  Make sure any added weight can be easily removed on race day.  This has been the source of a lot of frustration in the past so we want it to be clear 🙂

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